I feel like it’s a bad message to children that being pretty and giving other people your cherry is the key to getting what you want. Let’s get back to the magic word, people. Please. 

I bought a book of Japanese plays and now I’m in the Noh. 

Tell to me: to try to tumble or no? To try to tumble takes time and typing. To tell Tumblr “ta-ta!” takes tenacity too. To try to tumble or no?

A trip to Providence, Rhode Island, taught me that friendship is really a one way street. (I was actually there. But couldn’t get a picture in time. So Google Maps, huzzah!)

Gastrofiguritis: The condition of perpetually falling over and being unable to get up on one’s own. Though modern medicine has often walked right over this pool of sufferers, passionate grassroots organizers have spread the dirt regarding this ailment to the far corners of the world. Although the effects of this disease can be flooring, sufferers benefit from a remarkably grounded view of reality. LifeAlert is recommended as primary treatment if you or a loved one suspect that Gastrofiguritis may be what’s getting you down.

So, what if all the fish in the oceans were actually just baby mermaids, and because we pollute and stuff they always die before they can mature and take on their traditional mermaid form?

Do you happen to be on a bike tour in wisconsin?

Nope. Playwriting in New York. But that sounds quite cool as well!

Urban Retreat

Yesterday, we were humorously reminded that Nobody Loves You. Really, they don’t. I related most with the character at the end who learns to love herself. Only I’m a nobody. Thus proving the title true.

Also, Joan Rivers made an appearance 7 rows down from our group in the theater. Similarly enthralling were the bewilderingly squishy chairs on which we sat. What material those were made of, I have no clue. Aliens.

A Thought On People

You are locked in a bleak, boring, and symmetrical room that is as bleak, boring and symmetrical as a room can be. A friend is someone who makes the room a bit brighter. An enemy is someone who makes the room a bit darker. An acquaintance is someone who just makes the room more symmetrical. A lover turns the room into the universe.

My attitude towards people I don’t really like so much anymore.

My attitude towards people I don’t really like so much anymore.